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Lauryn Tully is a compassionate and persistent Juvenile and Adult Criminal Defense Attorney in Colorado Springs and surrounding counties.

Lauryn strives to be your voice in the courtroom. Whether you have been charged for the first time or are facing multiple criminal charges, The Law Office of Lauryn Tully is dedicated to helping you understand your situation and fighting for the best possible result. 

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

Our attorney, Lauryn Tully, has successfully represented hundreds of clients facing a variety of criminal charges including but not limited to: domestic violence, juveniles, assault, harassment, DUI/DWAI, theft, burglary, robbery, menacing, trespassing, attempted murder, murder,  child abuse, sex offenses and various traffic offenses. In addition, Lauryn has represented many military members facing criminal charges, as well as, individuals who live out of the state of Colorado and are charged with a crime here.

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"My experience with this firm was rewarding"

Lauryn Tully is an exceptional lawyer! My experience with this firm was rewarding, they really were genuinely concerned every step of the way! Thanks so much, and I wouldn’t have gotten the acquittal without your help!

– Leon 

"A manageable and stress-free experience"


Lauryn made a difficult situation, during even more difficult time, a manageable and stress free experience. She is smart and no nonsense with a good balance between what is best for her client as well as her clients wishes. Would use again in a heart beat! (Hopefully I wont need her services again!)

– Aleks

"I can’t possibly imagine finding anyone who could’ve worked harder"

I have worked with Lauryn a few different times now and I can’t possibly imagine finding anyone who could’ve worked harder or more diligently to help me figure out the best possible outcomes when I’ve needed her legal advice. She is prompt, understanding, and makes all the legal jargon easy to understand for the layman like myself. I refer friends and family to her now and will continue to go see her whenever a legal issue comes into my life. HIGHLY suggest anyone and everyone go through her firm, Lauryn is a true Rockstar!

– Allen

Your voice in the courtroom

Lauryn Tully has dedicated her entire education and practice to advocacy and criminal defense as she recognizes the seriousness of a pending criminal case and the impact it may have on your future. When charged with a crime, we know you are going through a vulnerable time in your life. You need an experienced attorney to be strong, honest, and open with you. It is Lauryn’s mission to help you successfully navigate through the criminal justice system while working toward a favorable result.

Practice Areas

Juvenile Defense

In the state of Colorado, persons under the age of 18 years old are considered a juvenile and are tried in juvenile courts. Juvenile courts focus on rehabilitating the child rather than punishing them. 

Misdemeanor Defense

Misdemeanors in Colorado are divided into class 1, 2 and 3. Class 1 is the most serious type of misdemeanor with a maximum sentence of eighteen months of imprisonment or a $5,000 fine or both. In Colorado, drug misdemeanors are characterized as class 1 or class 2 offense.

Traffic Defense

Traffic tickets can include (but are not limited to) careless driving, reckless driving, speeding, no insurance, no registration, failure to yield, and more.

When pulled over and charged with a traffic offense you are potentially facing fines, losing your driver’s license, receiving a criminal record and in some cases, losing your job.

DUI/Dwai Defense

A person is charged with a DUI or DWAI when driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and/or one or more drugs. Driving under the influence is considered a misdemeanor and could be considered a class 4 felony if the violation occurs more than three times.

When should I speak to a criminal defense attorney?

  • If you have been arrested or charged with a crime, it is best to contact a criminal defense lawyer. 
  • If you have been contacted by the police, it is best to consult with an attorney prior to deciding to continue the conversation with the police. 

How do I choose the best criminal defense attorney? 

  • Choose a lawyer who is knowledgeable and has experience dealing with your charges. For example, if you are being charged with a DUI, traffic offense or another serious crime you need a lawyer who has experience defending those types of cases. 
  • Your lawyer should give you the time and attention you deserve. You are not just another case file, choose a lawyer who takes the time to listen to your story and develop a plan for the best possible outcome. 
  • You need a trial experienced lawyer. Trial experienced lawyers fight to make sure you get the best deal to continue living the life you deserve. 

Have more questions?

If you are facing criminal charges in Colorado Springs, set up a free consultation with our law firm. We take the time to meet your needs and answer any questions you may have about your situation. 

We accept cases in:

  • Criminal Defense
  • DUI/DWAI Defense 
  • Juvenile Defense (misdemeanors, felonies, juveniles charged as adults) 
  • Misdemeanor Crimes 
  • Felony Crimes

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