Felony Defense

Felony offenses in Colorado are the most serious crimes. Felonies are punishable by potential prison terms. Felonies range from class one through class six. Class one felonies are considered the highest level. Class six felonies are considered the lowest level felonies, but still carry potentially serious consequences.

Drug felonies range from class one to class four. Drug felonies also carry the potential risk of a prison term.

If you are someone with prior felony offenses in your lifetime history, you may want to consider consulting a lawyer to be able to get an adequate advisement of potential prison time you are looking at. Individuals with certain amounts of felonies in their lifetime history may not be eligible for probation absent potential negotiations.

In addition, certain felonies in Colorado that are considered crimes of violence may carry a mandatory or enhanced prison term.

Not everyone charged with a felony may be convicted and sentenced to a prison term. There are other types of alternatives to prison such as deferred prosecution and sentencing, probation, and/or a term of time to community corrections. Consulting with a lawyer can allow a lawyer to better explain your options and what a negotiation process may look like for your case.

Felony convictions, like misdemeanors, may have collateral consequences that may impact someone’s life in a serious way. Whether this be potential immigration consequences, gun rights, current and future employment, access to housing, etc. Consulting a lawyer allows for someone to better understand your unique situation and how a felony may impact your life specifically within your circumstances.


What are some examples of Felony Offenses in Colorado?

  1. Assault
  2. Murder
  3. Attempted Murder
  4. Burglary
  5. Aggravated Robbery
  6. Identity Theft
  7. Sexual Assault
  8. Theft
  9. Criminal Mischief
  10. Menacing
  11. Stalking
  12. Illegal Possession of Financial Devices
  13. Intent to Distribute Drugs
  14. Felony DUIs
  15. Vehicular Assaults
  16. Kidnapping
  17. Child Abuse
  18. Arson

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