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Our firm understands the impact the juvenile justice system could have on young clients, their families, and their futures. We are committed to helping our clients, and their family as a whole, understand the Juvenile Court proceedings.

More about Juvenile Defense in the State of Colorado:

The Juvenile Court Process In Colorado

In Colorado, anyone under the age of 18 is considered a juvenile and can be charged in the juvenile courts. Juvenile courts are different from adult criminal courts. Juvenile courts are designed to focus on rehabilitation rather than punitive aspects for children charged with crimes. However, anyone under the age of 18 can still potentially face juvenile detention or commitment to the Division of Youth Services.

When a child is charged, they are either provided a summons or they are arrested and detained in a juvenile detention facility. If a child is detained, a detention hearing must be held within a certain amount of time to address bond or release of a child.

Having an attorney by you, or your child's side, is important. We can help guide your child and your family through what to expect and the following steps as the case progresses:

At detention hearings, Courts determine:

  1. If a child is released.
  2. What conditions of release the child has to abide by.
  3. How the case will next be set.

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