Client Testimonials

The legal system is already hard enough to navigate as a lay-person without slipping through all the cracks in the judicial system like I did. There were so many irregularities throughout the entirety of my case and there was no real chance at a good outcome, it wasn’t until Lauryn was finally appointed to the case that there was some direction. I had gone through a very traumatic experience and had to relive it through the justice system that was supposed to be designed to protect and serve us. After over a year working with this case she fought for me to have the best possible outcome I could’ve imagined with my case and I’m so grateful for all her determination and hard work! I don’t think anybody else could have handled this case so professionally and made me feel so confident in such a dark spot. I really appreciate everything she did for me!


I meant to write my review weeks ago. I’m finally at a point where I can breathe a little. My case was a complicated one with lots of pieces playing part. Lauryn & her paralegal, Ana listened all the time to my worries & questions. It’s very important you have an attorney that doesn’t just treat you as more money for them. Lauryn is truly passionate about each client & wants to help them. She spends a lot of time researching, investigating, & everything else that goes into a case. I can say for a fact that I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere close to the finally sentencing if it weren’t for her. I was up against a lot & she fought hard. At the end of the day if your attorney won’t fight for you, I would lose that attorney.
Also like to note that she keeps the financial side of it separate. They’ve been very understanding & have been working with me.

Thank you SO much for all your work on my case.



I know Lauryn personally and she was the first person I turned to when a friend of mine needed a legal opinion. Lauryn's knowledge of the courts and her compassion for people and the situations they find themselves in is a winning combination. Her integrity and the ability to identify the best course of action are the best reasons I have for recommending her to friends or anyone needing representation. Thank you Lauryn for helping and caring!


I would highly recommend Lauryn Tully and her team. They are professional and respond in a timely manner. They also don’t just treat you as a client, you become almost like family and they do everything in their power to get you the best outcome possible. Lauryn went above and beyond for my brother, and family and I are greatly appreciative. If you are trying to find an attorney that is knowledgeable, professional, and is caring don’t hesitate to call the Law Office of Lauryn Tully!

5 star rating

I called Ms. Tully's office about a Colorado Springs matter and her office responded to my questions immediately. She is professional and responds to phone calls and email. I would recommend working with her office for any DUI or other type of criminal case. Thank you for lending support!


Very professional and easy to talk to, any questions i had were answered immediately.


Going though the court process with my son was scary and very stressful time in our life's from our first meeting with lauryn and Katherine I knew we found the right lawyer who would fight for us!! Lauryn is so amazing and caring she even responded to my emails on the weekends!


Lauryn Tully is an exceptional lawyer! My experience with this firm was rewarding, they really were genuinely concerned every step of the way! Thanks so much, and i wouldn't have gotten the acquittal without your help!!